Membership Benefits At The International Society of Sports Nutrition

The ISSN is open to anyone interested in sports nutrition!

Note:  Under IRS Tax Codes and Law, expenses related to continuing education and career enhancement may be tax deductible. Please see these links and discuss with your accountant or tax advisor.  Contributions to the ISSN are deductible under the section 170 of the Code.

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There are 3 Membership Categories -

1) a STUDENT member must be currently registered at a college or university.

2) a PROFESSIONAL member is anyone who is not a student or Fellow of ISSN.

3) a FELLOW member is reserved only for those ISSN members who have achieved the highest distinction as a contributing member to the organization and to the sports nutrition category.  (If you are wondering if you are a 'Fellow,' then you are not.  This 'award' is given only to a select few individuals.

ISSN Annual Meeting Opportunities - What's the saying?  "It's WHO you know, not WHAT you know."  Well, certainly the ISSN is the BEST place to network with the best sports nutrition professionals in the world, period!

ISSN members will have access to past presentations (Powerpoints) of ISSN Conferences and receive discounts on the CISSN, SNS, and MP certifications.  Also, ISSN members earn discounted rates on all workshops and conferences.

CISSN - The CISSN is the premier sports nutrition certification. The International Society of Sports Nutrition is the first academic society to provide a sports nutrition certification. Applicants must have a 4-year or Bachelor's degree in exercise science, nutrition, biology or related scientific field. For more information, visit our CISSN page.

ISSN-SNS - The Sports Nutrition Specialist is our certification that is geared towards individuals who do not have a 4-year degree.  

JISSN - The ISSN's peer-reviewed journal is considered the best with regards to sports nutrition science.  Go to:

Find a Nutritionist -  If you are an ISSN member, we can list you on our Find a Nutritionist page.  You must be an active member of the ISSN.  Please email [email protected]