Body Transformation Certification


In collaboration with renowned Sports Nutritionist, Paul Cribb PhD, the ISSN is proud to announce a partnership with Metabolic Precision - The Complete Body Transformation System. With this certification, you'll truly become adept at transforming the physiques of your clients. If you are already a BCC-ISSN, the ISSN will still recognize that certification.  However, if you desire to reach the next step, the MP Certification is perfect for you (and ultimately your clients).
What's the difference between MP and a Sports Nutrition certification?

In a nutshell, the MP certification is a 'Body Transformation' certification. Do you want to change the physique of your clients from flabby to fit? Then the MP Body Transformation System is just what the doctor ordered!
We know that the vast majority of busy people that work with personal trainers are not athletes.

Secondly, most busy people can only devote 3 to 6 hours a week to exercise. They also want rapid, permanent changes in how they look, function and feel.

Metabolic Precision delivers the latest scientific research in one complete, easy-to-follow Body Transformation System.

With MP you become a certified Transformation Specialist – deliver the systems that give your clients a body they will be proud of in less than a handful of hours a week!

With MP Level 1 On-line you get an exclusive certification, but you also get the skills, resources, systems and support you need to succeed. Here's a sample,

• Metabolic Classifying – answers "when will I see results".
• The MP 10 Points System – deliver the right type & amount of exercise for every client.
• Metabolic Nutrient Timing - make food work for you.
• Metabolically Precise Eating - speed recovery & fat loss.
• The MP Kitchen System - over 150 meals, each in 10 minutes or less.
• Monitor & refine, no counting calories or following a diet.
• A holistic process that turns a "good intention" into a lifestyle.
• The metabolic optimization of health, fitness & body shape!

As an MP Certified Professional you take your client through their first 12 Week Metabolic Re-Program – this sets the foundation for subsequent MP Programs.

The 12 Week Metabolic Re-Program is more like a complete experience in peak performance living. Here’s just some of the aspects:

• Metabolic Classification: identifies problems & gives the programming solutions
• Match Exercise to Nutrition Level: how to match exercise to nutrition level.
• Metabolic Priming: clarifies the objectives any program must meet for success
• The Steps to Create Metabolic Precision: get the body you want and keep it!
• What the Healthiest People in the World Really Eat!
• The FEONS: Foods Essential to Optimum Nutrition
• Chocolate, Red Wine & Coffee can be a part of your plan!
• Fast Delicious Nutrition with over 30 tutorials
• How to contour & refine without counting a single calorie!
• Learn the Six Secrets to a Successful Transformation
• The 10 Biggest Reasons Why People Fail
• Working with Special Populations
Plus so much more!

Metabolic Precision is a complete system, that means programming is perpetual.

Even when your clients' goals change, MP can be contoured to suit. That’s why Metabolic Precision is a totally revolutionary approach and a godsend to trainers. As an MP Provider, you always have a new product/program to present to your clients to keep them structured, accountable and motivated!