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For more information in sponsoring the ISSN National Conference and Expo, contact Jose Antonio, Ph.D. at [email protected] or 561-239-1754.

Note: There are no refunds on sponsorships

Note: U.S. Tax Deduction: Income tax deduction may be allowed for educational expenses undertaken to maintain and improve professional skills. This includes registration, travel, meals, lodging and related expenses [U.S. Treasury Regulation 1.162-5].

Under IRS Tax Codes and Laws, donations and Unrestricted Educational Grants made to The ISSN, may be tax deductible and or tax-creditable. Please check with your Accountant for the proper classification. See these following Links for more information:

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Why should you sponsor The ISSN?

  • The International Society of Sports Nutrition is a non-profit professional organization committed exclusively to the advancement and improvement of sports nutrition research and practice.
  • The ISSN provides a forum for leadership and exchange of information to stimulate discussion and collaboration among sports nutritionists active in all aspects of the profession.
  • The ISSN provides a forum to educate the interested individuals about role of nutrition on exercise and sports performance through and accurate assessment, interpretation and discussion of available scientific and medical information studies
  • The ISSN serves to encourage the private and public sectors to support research to evaluate the potential role of nutrition on exercise, performance, and health.
  • The ISSN sets the standards for sports nutritionists through its ISSN approved curricula in Universities and Colleges throughout the United States.
  • The ISSN provides an excellent networking opportunity for industry representatives, scientists, students, and anyone interested in sports nutrition.
  • The ISSN is the future of sports nutrition

Note:  "Sponsorship of the ISSN does not constitute endorsement, implicit or otherwise, of the sponsor's products, literature or any related items by the ISSN."