ISSN - Conference Call for Poster Presentations

Call for Abstracts (Poster Presentations) at  21st Annual ISSN Conference @ Bonita Springs FL, June 17-19, 2024.  

Location of the Conference: Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa, Botina Springs FL.

Rules to Follow: 1) the Abstract must be original unpublished data. It can't be a rehash of already published data. 2) If this rule is violated, the PI will be banned from presenting an Abstract for at least one year. And please no posters showing fruits and vegetables telling us how healthy they are. Save that for the 6th grade science fair. 3) The version you submit is the version that will be published in JISSN. We will not accept any last minute changes etc. so that we can expedite the publication process.
All Abstracts will be published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. You will be notified of acceptance or rejection within 7 days or less after we receive your Abstract. We accept original investigations only. The topics of the original investigations may be related to sports nutrition, exercise training, PEDs, sports supplements, foods, beverages, muscle fatigue, hydration, body composition, diet, etc.
The version you submit to present at the ISSN is the version that will be published. We will NOT allow further edits once it is submitted. Otherwise, it will take 4 score and 7 years to get the abstracts published. And one last thing. Please write each authors full name (first and last). Do NOT use their initials for their first name.
Poster Size: 4 feet wide x 3 feet high or 1.2 meters wide x 0.9 meters high  (DO NOT EXCEED THIS SIZE). 
ISSN Fellow Sponsor: If you can get an ISSN Fellow to sponsor your Poster, the Abstract will be preferentially reviewed. The FISSN sponsor must be listed as an author on the Poster. 

Deadline: May 25,  2024

Please Note: You still need to pay the conference registration fee if you are presenting a poster; this includes individuals who are also exhibiting at the event. This fee is waived only for those who give tutorial (oral) presentations. Please follow the format for Abstracts. See the link below.

Example - Abstract format

No Jitters, but No Energy

Kristiina Kinnunen1, Cassandra Evans1,2, Jason Curtis PhD3, Flavia F. Pereira 2,3, Kendall Andries1, Rachel DeBlasio1 , Viraaj Miriyala1, Jose Rojas2, Maria Berrocales1, Juan Carlos Santana4, Jose Antonio PhD1,4

1Exercise and Sport Science, NSU Florida, Davie, FL 33328, USA

2Health Sciences, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, Provo, UT 84606, USA

3Exercise and Sports Science, Keiser University Flagship, West Palm Beach, FL 33409, USA

4Institute of Human Performance, Boca Raton, FL 33432, USA

Corresponding author: Jose Antonio PhD FISSN at [email protected]

Background: The purpose of this investigation was to determine the effects of an energy drink (Jocko GO) on measures of mood, sustained attention/reaction time, and hand steadiness.

Methods: A total of 22 active men (n = 6) and women (n=16) (mean ± SD: age 22 ± 5 yr; height 169±9 cm; body mass 68 ± 9 kg; lean body mass 52 ± 10 kg; fat mass 15 ± 7 kg; percent body fat 22 ± 9%; total body water 38 ± 7 liters) participated in this randomized, crossover, counterbalanced trial. Research participants arrived at the Institute of Human Performance (IHP) on two different occasions separated by one week. The following assessments were conducted: psychomotor vigilance test, Profile of Mood States (POMS), and a hand steadiness test (Hole Type Steadiness Tester, Lafayette Instrument) to test for the “jitters.” Each subject consumed either one can (355 ml) of the energy drink or consumed nothing (i.e., control condition). Each assessment was made 30 minutes after consuming the energy drink, whereas, in the control condition, assessments were made 30 minutes after arrival to IHP.

Results:  There were no significant differences between the control and treatment for any of the assessments (Table 1).  All data are expressed as the mean±SD.

Table 1 – Sustained Attention/Reaction Time, Hand Steadiness, and Mood



Energy Drink

p value

PVT (msec)




False Starts




Hand Steadiness

Errors: Number of Touches




Hand Steadiness

Errors: Total Contact Time (seconds)




Total Mood Disturbance Score












Conclusions: This particular energy drink does not cause the “jitters.” However, it has no effect on sustained attention/reaction time or mood (i.e., vigor, fatigue). Future research should examine additional time points as well as different energy drink doses.

Acknowledgements: list any relevant conflicts, sponsors, etc. If none apply, there is no need to list anything.

One of authors, preferably the lead author, must be present in front of their poster at the scheduled time (Day 2 of the Conference from 5:00pm-7:00pm).
All expenses are to be covered by the presenting author(s).
Please limit the word count to 400 words or less. This refers to the body of the text.
Poster must be written and presented in lucid English.
If you have any conflicts of interest, please denote that in the acknowledgements. See this page for details: 

Submit all abstracts to these email addresses and address them to Dr. Chad Kerksick, Dr. Guillermo Escalante, and Dr. Jose Antonio