About Us At The International Society of Sports Nutrition

The ISSN Mission Statement
The International Society of Sports Nutrition is the only non-profit academic society dedicated to promoting the science and application of evidence-based sports nutrition and supplementation.  

What we do best  

The ISSN is the world's leader in providing science-based sports nutrition and supplement information. Our peer-reviewed journal (JISSN), conferences, and attendees are the key influencers and thought-leaders in the sports nutrition and supplement field.

The International Society of Sports Nutrition was 'founded' in 2003 at a sushi restaurant in San Francisco; while eating copious quantities of omega-3 fatty acids, Jose Antonio PhD, Doug Kalman PhD RD, Richard Kreider PhD, Susan Kleiner PhD RD and Anthony Almada MSc gave birth to the concept of the ISSN. 

The ISSN is recognized by established academic societies
The International Society of Sports Nutrition is recognized as the only not-for-profit academic-based society dedicated to sports nutrition and growing the science of applied nutrition. The ISSN conferences, tutorials, lectures and courses have been recognized (vis a vis attaining continuing education credits) by the Commission on Dietetic Registration, National Strength and Conditioning Association, American College of Sports Medicine, American Council on Exercise, American Physical Therapy Association, National Association of Athletic Trainers and other organizations as well. Members of these organizations can earn continuing education credits by attending ISSN Conferences and Symposia. The ISSN is also recognized by many Universities as offering the latest, cutting edge and non-biased information about the science and application of sports nutrition and supplements. In addition, the ISSN regularly funds research projects (particulary young investigators); it should be noted that the ISSN does not pay for indirect costs for any project that it funds.

The ISSN - Why Go Anywhere Else?!

Membership to the ISSN is open to anyone!

The BEST way to reach us is via email.

International Society of Sports Nutrition 

email: ISSN.sports.nutrition@gmail.com

List of ISSN National Meetings

  1. 2004 - Henderson NV (Lake Las Vegas)
  2. 2005 - New Orleans LA
  3. 2006 - Las Vegas NV (Stardust)
  4. 2007 - Las Vegas NV (Flamingo)
  5. 2008 - Las Vegas NV (Red Rocks)
  6. 2009 - New Orleans LA
  7. 2010 - Clearwater Beach FL (Hilton)
  8. 2011 - Las Vegas NV (Westin)
  9. 2012 - Clearwater Beach FL (Hilton)
  10. 2013 - Colorado Springs CO (Antlers Hilton)
  11. 2014 - Clearwater Beach FL (Hilton)
  12. 2015 - Austin TX (Hilton)
  13. 2016 - Clearwater Beach FL (Hilton) - June 10-12
  14. 2017 - Phoenix AZ (Hilton Squaw Peak) - June 22-24
  15. 2018 - Clearwater Beach FL (Hilton) - June 7-9
  16. 2019 - Las Vegas NV (Tropicana) - June 13-15
  17. 2020 - Daytona Beach FL (Hilton) - September 10-12
  18. 2021 - St. Petersburg FL (Hilton) - June 17-19



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