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Please use the Google Chrome browser for this exam.

The SNS is an 'entry level' sports nutrition certification.  You will have 85 minutes to complete the 100 question multiple choice test.  If time runs out, your test will automatically end and you will receive a score. 

Alternatively, you can complete the test prior to the time running out. When you 'Finalize' the test, you will automatically be scored. (Note: if you skip a question(s), you will be able to answer those after you 'Finalize' the last question. So when you answer a question that you have skipped, hit 'Next' and that will save the answer. And then you will hit the 'Finalize' button to bring you back to the questions that you still have not answered). When you have answered ALL of the questions, hitting the 'Finalize' button will immediately notify you of whether you passed).   Unless you run out of time, you will be able to go back to previous questions left unanswered!

Please choose the SINGLE best answer. Instructions are self-explanatory. When you finish the test, you will immediately get a score. 70% is considered passing.

NOTE: if the website goes down during the test, please refresh the browser and re-login. If there are pressing issues regarding the online administration of the exam, please contact the ISSN at

Test Time: 85 minutes

Pass Mark: 70%

Member Cost: $699.00

Non Member Cost: $999.00

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