ISSN Rapid Fire Science (Virtual Conference), March 23, 2024

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ISSN Rapid Fire Science

Note: CEUs -  ISSN 4.0, NSCA 0.4, CDR

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Date: March 23, 2024, Saturday – 12 noon until 4:25 pm; All times are East Coast USA

12:00-12:25 pm - Shawn Arent PhD FISSN - Key biomarkers to support athletic recovery. University of South Carolina.

12:25-12:50 pm - Eric Trexler PhD - Fueling the energy cost of exercise; is there an "exercise energy compensation?" Duke University.

12:50-1:15 pm - Charles Stull MS RD - The dietary demands of MMA fighters; sure, they're grumpy when they diet. The Ultimate Fight Championship Performance Institute.

1:15-1:40 pm - Ralf Jaeger PhD FISSN - How to make friends with probiotics: the gut's secret network. Increvo LLC.

1:40-2:05 pm - Erica Goldstein PhD RD CISSN - Super stamina: a carb-protein mix to rekindle the athletic prowess of the masters athlete. Stetson University.

2:05-2:30 pm - Hannah Cabre PhD RDN CISSN - The effects of oral contraceptives and hormonal intrauterine devices on strength and recovery across the menstrual cycle phases. Pennington Biomedical Research Center.

2:30-2:55 pm - Shiloah Kviatkovsky PhD CISSN - Collagen - the secret ingredient to joint health? University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

2:55-3:20 pm - Sofia Cienfuegos PhD - Effects of 4- and 6-h time-restricted feeding in adults with obesity. University of Illinois at Chicago.

3:20-3:45 pm - Omar Eldakar PhD - It's hard to gain muscle and lose fat - blame evolution and your refrigerator.  Nova Southeastern University.

3:45-4:00 pm - Matthew Stratton PhD CISSN - How does breakfast impact your performance? Lessons from and for intermittent fasting. University of South Alabama.

4:00pm-4:25pm - Chris Lockwood PhD - Adulteration in dietary supplements: much ado about nothing?

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