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IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS - Please read all of it.

1. You must register at least one week in advance to take the CISSN exam online.

2. Once you register, you will receive an email from AMP - Complete Testing Solutions or Customer Service. This email will be sent out ~24-48 hours after you register (except on weekends). PLEASE NOTE THE EXPIRATION DATE on the exam. If you do not take it before it expires, you will need to re-register (and pay in full). You will typically be given 7-30 days to complete the exam. 

3. AMP will provide you with a username/password to enter the Exam portal.

4. The instructions are self-explanatory once you enter the Exam portal.

5. Any questions related to the administration of the exam should be directed to AMP.

6. There are 200 multiple choice questions.

7. You will have 135 minutes to complete the exam. That's 40.5 seconds per question. It is not an open note exam.

8. A passing score is 70.00%.  If you score anything less than 70.00%, it is NOT passing. You will have the option of re-taking the exam at 50% off the regular price. If you took the exam at a student group discount (and did not pass), the 2nd attempt will be at the regular price.

9. If you have any technical issues with the exam, please contact and  (Note: if the exam is taken on a weekend, you may not receive a response until Monday).

10. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS for any of our certification exams.

Member Type Early Reg. Price Regular Reg. Price
ISSN Fellow $649.00 $649.00
ISSN Professional $649.00 $649.00
ISSN Student $649.00 $649.00
Non Member $998.00 $998.00
Non Member Student $998.00 $998.00

The early registration deadline is: December 31, 2020

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