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ISSN-Europa University Workshop on Sports Supplements, Oct 10, 2015

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LOCATION: Room# 103 A/B, the Convention Center.

9:00am-10:00am - Darryn Willoughby PhD CSCS FISSN - Protein Supplementation for Increasing Muscle Mass.  Dr Willoughby, one of the world's leading sports science experts, will edify you on all things related to protein. 

10:10am-11:10am - David Sandler MS CSCS FISSN - Supplements that Enhance Muscle Mass. Mr Sandler, owner of StrengthPro, gives the lowdown on the best mass-building supps!

11:20am-12:20pm - Lacy M. Puttuck MS RD CISSN - The Weight-ing Game - Weight dependent sports such as MMA, wrestling, powerlifting and boxing require athletic prowess as well as the uncanny (or perhaps unhealthy) ability to lose significant amounts of body weight. Ms Puttuck will explore the science of "making weight."

12:20pm-2:00pm - Lunch on your own

2:00pm-3:00pm - Kevin Shepard MS CISSN CSCS  - The Secret to My Success is Simple: My Meal Plan and Menu. This presentation will remind you that the turtle won that big race! Proper food selection, preparation, and consumption are essential nuts and bolts for achieving long-term and real health, strength, and performance results. I will explain how you can do this simply and easily. No matter what your goals are, you’ll learn how eating takes you there.  

3:10pm-4:10pm - Darryn Willoughby PhD FISSN - Effectiveness of Testosterone-boosting Supplements: What does the Science Say?

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The early registration deadline is: October 1, 2015

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