Bio For James Komorowski, CNS MS
James Komorowski, CNS MS

James R. Komorowski, MS, CNS – Mr. Komorowski has been involved in >100 research studies on nutritional ingredient and products, as well as pharmaceutical drugs, and medical devices.  He has published >40 peer-reviewed manuscripts and is an inventor on >25 issued and pending patents.  He has made numerous presentations at major nutrition conferences and is a manuscript reviewer on multiple scientific journals.


Mr. Komorowski received his undergraduate bachelor’s degree from SUNY Oneonta in biology, a master’s degree from LIU at CW Post in medical biology, and an advanced business certificate from UCONN’s Graduate School of Business.  He has developed >50 products marketed as dietary supplements, medical foods, medical devices, and pharmaceutical drugs.  Mr. Komorowski is an active member of many nutrition and pharmaceutical organizations, and is a Board Member at the Council for Responsible Nutrition.


Mr. Komorowski is currently the Chief Science Officer at JDS Therapeutics, LLC ( and its nutrition ingredient subsidiary, Nutrition 21, LLC (  Prior to his role at JDS, Mr. Komorowski worked at the biotech company, AMBI Inc., and at the pharmaceutical companies, Purdue Pharma and Allergan.  He received his initial research training at the Sloan Kettering Institute at Memorial Sloan Kettering and at the Hospital for Special Surgery.  His current research interests are focused on cellular biology and exercise physiology associated with natural products.