Bio For Tim Ziegenfuss, PhD, FISSN
Tim Ziegenfuss, PhD, FISSN

Tim N. Ziegenfuss, Ph.D., FISSN is the Chief Executive Officer of The Center for Applied Health Sciences and the Director of Scientific Affairs at Biotest Laboratories. Dr. Ziegenfuss is a Fellow of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and is the Chair of the Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition program at Huntington College of Health Sciences. Dr. Ziegenfuss is an internationally known author, speaker, and researcher with expertise in dietary supplements, exercise science, and sports nutrition. In addition to authoring book chapters on nutritional ergogenic aids, antioxidants, protein, and over-the-counter hormones, Dr. Ziegenfuss has written hundreds of articles in well known magazines, been quoted in Scientific American, and made presentations in Washington DC on behalf of the dietary supplement industry. As a sports nutritionist, his client list includes current and former Olympic Track and Field athletes, Professional Mixed Martial Arts fighters, NFL, MLB, NHL, high school and NCAA athletes, firefighters, police, Department of Homeland Security personnel, and the U.S. Military including the Army, Navy Seals, and Secret Service.