Bio For Anthony Ricci, MS,CSCS,LDN,CSN,CISSN

Tony Ricci is a Fellow and Advisory Board member of the ISSN and ISSN Certified Sports Nutritionist. Tony holds separate Masters degrees in Exercise Physiology and Human Nutrition, with Doctoral work in Health Sciences. He is an Assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology and Nutrition at Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY. Additionally, he is the founder of Fightshape International, a multi-discipline performance enhancement company, through which he has coached scores of professional athletes in fight-sports including 6 World Champions. He consults many of the countries Fortune 500 companies on the development of their internal health and wellness programs; experience he obtained as the Sr. Nutritionist of Pfizer Inc for 13 years.  


Tony serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of Dymatize Nutrition, holds State and Board Certifications as a Nutritionist, (CNS/CDN) certifications in Strength & Conditioning with the NSCA and NASM. Along with achieving black belts in several martial arts, he continues rigorous training in fight-sports and serves as the Sports Science Advisor for Team Serra-Longo MMA.