Bio For Tim Ziegenfuss, PhD, FISSN
Tim Ziegenfuss, PhD, FISSN

Tim Ziegenfuss, PhD, CSCS, FISSN is a renowned sports nutrition and exercise scientist with graduate degrees from Purdue and Kent State University. He is a Past President and Fellow of The International Society of Sports Nutrition and CEO of The Center for Applied Health Sciences. As a scientific advisor to the sports nutrition market, his input has lead to the creation of dozens of products that currently grace the shelves of every major retailer in numerous countries around the world and account for tens of millions in revenues. As a sports nutritionist, his client list includes current and former Olympic Track and Field athletes, Professional Mixed Martial Arts fighters, NFL, MLB, NHL, high school and NCAA athletes, firefighters, police, Department of Homeland Security personnel, and the U.S. Military including the Army, Navy Seals, and Secret Service. Dr. Ziegenfuss has been quoted in Scientific American, published more than 600 articles in mainstream magazines, co-authored ~70 peer-reviewed scientific publications and 8 book chapters, and has had numerous interviews/appearances in top 25 national print media.